Artist Statement

I've always been fascinated with the subtle details that decorate our surroundings; the intricate veins of a leaf, the finely textured surface of a stone, or the fluidity of our own pen stroke. While many of my works appear to be abstract, all begin as a response to something tangible yet seemingly insignificant. Even the tiniest of repeat patterns have a way of catching my eye and I find their slight nuances to be an endless source of inspiration.


With a firm belief that I was destined to become a graphic designer, I moved to Toronto in 1990 to study at the Ontario College of Art. One dose of experimental painting made me realize that there was still much exploring to be done, and I entered the Interdisciplinary Studies program so I could roam all artistic disciplines freely. At some point typography, surface design and painting collided, and sparks flew. It was a magical moment.

We relocated to Guelph in 2003 and have been in our big old Exhibition Park house ever since. I love looking out our attic window, feeling dwarfed by the trees.

My mixed media work combines painting, block printing, sewing, collage and more recently, rug hooking. I'm also an arts administrator, art/fine craft juror, event organizer, gardener and mother.