Saturday, June 19, 2021

Morse Code

 "Hooker's Code: Repeat" was the first piece I completed after the Morse code idea had been planted. I had just hand dyed four batches of cotton using logwood, osage, madder root and cochineal and I thought using a bulkier fabric would lessen the strain on my hands. It didn't (!) but it did serve as a great starting point for mixing cotton strips and wool. My mother and aunt were both home economics teacher, so while I was surrounding by sewers my entire life, I have no formal training with fibre. It's liberating, being able to explore a material with no preconceived ideas about how it should behave or be utilized. 

The top row is a light cotton sheet dyed with osage; I love the loose, unstructured loops that refuse to conform to the linen grid pattern. I'm also fond of the bits of thread that add complexity to the texture. The grey and blue wool strips come from Martina Lesar's beautiful studio in Caledon, a rural oasis that overflows with wool yardage, yarn, ribbon, patterns and rug hooking tools. The densely packed yellow (a cotton jersey) turned a soft buttery yellow that I really like. The hooker's code built into this piece can be seen at the bottom. Six little letters that define the craft: r-e-p-e-a-t

"Hookers Code: Repeat" just sold today, and will be shipped out to Victoria, BC on Monday. 

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