Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Victory Art Crawl installation begins

Eeekk! We have less than a week to install 300+ pieces of children's artwork! Planning reached a feverish pitch earlier today when one of our venues removed paintings from their walls because, in their words, it "isn't really the look we are going for'. Ahh, so sad for them. If only they knew that heartfelt creativity isn't about matching paint to wallpaper. We've really tried to emphasise the idea of community outreach with this project, which makes the actions of this anonymous eatery all the more disappointing. On a more positive note, the DGBA hooked us up with Jason at Skyline, and he offered us a fantastic space beside the newly renovated Gummer Building. We spent the morning unloading artwork into our soon-to-be kiddie pop up gallery. Tomorrow morning we tackle the Wooly.

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