Monday, December 05, 2011

Bring Q to Guelph

Open letter to CBC Radio Q;
After 14 years living in Toronto’s west end, my lovie and I moved to Guelph in 2003. With nothing luring us here, it was a bold experiment in living better. We knew of Guelph and believed in its reputation as an arts-friendly town where musicians, painters, writers, craftspeople, dancers, actors, designers, chefs, visionaries and creative entrepreneurs lived, worked and thrived.  With lovely architecture, fantastic restaurants and an outstanding university, we agreed Guelph was the place we would like to call home.

Communities that foster this type of reputation aren’t built overnight. It takes decades of nurturing, hard work, expertise, innovative ideas and open hearts. It takes mountains of volunteer hours, boat loads of cooperation, and thoughtful collaboration. It also takes a great deal of generosity.

Guelph (or ‘G-Spot’ as we’re affectionately known) is a city full of heart that fosters creativity from the ground up. We have the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, the Festival of Moving Media, Guelph Little Theatre and the Guelph Symphony Orchestra. Guelph is responsible for producing an astounding 21 Order of Canada recipients including the beloved children’s author Robert Munsch and world renowned metalsmith Lois Etherington Betteridge…both of whom still live here today. Guelph is home to one of the oldest arts council’s in all of Ontario, and the legendary Ed Video Media Arts Centre. 

Our babies attend Nuit Blanche and our elders recycle goods at Hillside. Wander the streets and you’ll find studio tours, farmers markets, spoken word, Drink and Draw, Fourth Fridays and a city hall that credits arts & culture as their fourth pillar of sustainability. The town's mascot is a bronze sculpture named 'Begging Bear' often sporting a feather boa. Indeed, Bjork would feel right at home.

The Q team does a fantastic job of revealing elements of secret beauty that usually remain hidden. Guelph is the obvious destination for your next live audience show, yet if you Bring Q to Guelph, even you'll be surprised at the discoveries you will find.

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