Friday, April 08, 2011

col·lab·o·ra·tion [kuh-lab-uh-rey-shuhn]

noun To partner; cooperate; work together; recognize shared needs; work towards acheiving common goals. An understanding that the collective whole of the community is greater than the needs of the individual.

The Ontario Crafts Council recently partnering with CARFAC Ontario to see if we could collectively broaden our reach. As two provincial arts orgs based out of the GTA, we're both looking to expand our regional membership without increasing our workload so we decided to present workshops together to make a greater impact. (And on the practical side, we now don't have two organisations doing all the same hard work twice, which saves time and money. Non-profits really like that!)

The OCC will also be collaborating with the Guelph Arts Council, the City of Guelph, the Cultural Careers Council of Ontario and the Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre to host the very first CultureCamp Guelph. Based on Brock Hart's fantastically successful KW CultureCamp, we hope to gather all the creative thinkers of G-Spot to spark a few ideas, specifically regarding CultureDays. Stay tuned...details of date and location will be confirmed next week.

Earlier this week, I attended Guelph's Creative Spacemaking workshop at the River Run Centre. If I look back at the notes I scribbled down while Tim Jones (CEO of Artscape) was speaking, he identified their formula for success as being vision + diversity + critical mass + collaboration + development capacity = momentum. If the entire creative community is off making their own separate plans rather than focusing on how they can work together to achieve a shared goal, then all we will ever have is fragmentation. Tim Jones also stated that 'shared vision is the key to building momentum and sustainability' and 'artists spaces should not just be built for artists, they should be build for the entire community in mind'.

As Guelph moves towards solidifying our creativity in the form of a creative centre, let's all approach it in the spirit of collaboration.

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