Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Open letter to Guelph's creative community

Hello fellow Guelphite,
Yesterday, I spent the morning at Toronto’s historic Distillery District to attend the official launch of Culture Days, a cross-Canada celebration of arts and culture. Similar to the spOtlight pilot project, Culture Days will take place over the course of three days as a grassroots event that invites the public to celebrate and explore the arts in communities across the country.

Launch emcee Jian Ghomeshi reflected on his experience as a young musician, touring across the country and discovering big creativity in small towns. Smiling, he said he’s hopeful for the day when Tim Horton’s runs a commercial featuring proud parents sipping a hot cup of java as they watch their wee one perform at the ballet rather than the rink. If all goes well, Culture Days will be a “cultural Hockey Day in Canada” with just as much hoopla.

To date, I haven’t heard any mention of events taking place in Guelph, but I’d like to change that. I’m hoping that after reading this, you’ll forward it to a fellow artist, craftsperson, designer, musician, chef, actor, arts administrator, educator or policy-maker to ensure our community is buzzing with activity come September 24-26. There is no fee to register. You’re simply asked to give of yourself, share your creativity and offer a free, hands-on, interactive activity for all to enjoy. Guelph is an incredibly creative --yet strangely fragmented --city. It’d be great to see our community unified with a few unexpected collaborations along the way.

If you’re interested in registering an event or reading more about activities that are already scheduled across Canada, visit

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  1. Wonderful post Mary! Let's talk about how we can get more interest going in Guelph for Culture Days.