Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trial and Error

Welcome to day one of Trial and Error Day at the Calarco-Hurlbut household. My maternity leave ends in exactly 13 days, so lovie and I thought we should put our new morning schedule to the test. My alarm was set for 5:55am but alas, the internal clock for the wee one started to ring at a glorious 5:40am. I managed to shower, eat breakfast and get him up/dressed/fed by about 6:15 but I still had hair, makeup and wardrobe to visit. Sure, I may be able to get to the train on time, but it won't be a pretty sight. Anyone know if pajama bottoms are still fashionable?

I've been doing a few other things in an effort to get ready for work, like updating my Linked In profile, creating a Twitter account, getting my work email hooked up to my iPhone. So I'm starting to feel a bit more connected, but being back in an office environment will definitely be interesting...do I even know how to communicate with adults for 8 hours a day? Will my interludes of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean' be frowned upon? Will I get funny looks when I refer to myself in third person? "Mommy found a typo! Naughty, naughty typo."

Twitter has turned out to be really refreshing, and while I'm still feeling my way around, I'm starting to discover interesting people that educate and entertain. Designmeme in particular offers a great selection of links about online marketing and social media. I found him by simply searching for 'Guelph' on TweetScan.

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