Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stepping stones

So, I signed up for a quilting course. Not because I'm a quilter. In fact, I don't know the first thing about quilting and I'm not even sure I'm that fond of quilts. But I love pattern and I needed a creative outlet that was at least a few blocks away from zee bebe. (ever try painting with an infant around? No, me neither. There's barely time to fold laundry let alone mix paint or stretch a canvas.) So this was my sneaky way of getting out of the house to exercise my brain. And as I found out last Thursday night, my brain has been on a big, fat holiday for far too long. Who knew quilting was really math in disguise? We spent three hours standing, measuring and cutting. Ugh!

Greenwood Quiltery's 'Stepping Stones' class description reads as
"If you love batiks, this design produces a lovely quilt and is great for learning..." Shocker number two: not only have I never quilted before, but I kind of hate most batik fabric, so I opted to select my own with a great deal of help from the kind ladies on staff. We're going for something bright-cheery-modern that can be used in both the nursery and spare bedroom-studio-office. I'll keep you posted on the progression...


  1. is it coming? The quilt, that is.

  2. Oh, the quilt. The quilt is sitting quietly up in the guest room waiting for me to pay attention to it. I've got all the squares finished but I now have to sew all 4 rows together, create a border, select backing fabric and get the stuffy business for the interior. It makes me tired so I'm ignoring the damn thing. Maybe some old Mennonite lady will take pity on me and finish it?