Thursday, September 18, 2008


The wee one is teething, which means he isn't napping, which means I haven't really had any spare time to do silly things like surf the web. I used to spend hours online, hopping from one hyperlink to the next. Occasionally I'd stumble upon something bookmarkworthy like Stories From Space, Orisinal, Retrievr, or Whip Up. Most days I'd find something useless like the Acme Heart Maker but I'd still manage to get some enjoyment out of it. Now I look back at those days and it seems like I was conducting valuable research as a social theorist. I've got no idea what's happening 'out there' anymore. I didn't even know that 'Making Happy' had gone bye-bye. Sigh. Anyways, wee one currently sleeping and I've had the rare opportunity to do some stumbling:

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