Saturday, July 19, 2008

Art on the Street 2008

Another toasty day for Guelph's annual "Art on the Street". It would have been nice to participate again this year, but I still haven't had any time to paint since the wee one arrived. Instead, I volunteered at the Info Booth with a few other Guelph Arts Council peeps, and then took a quick tour to view some work and chat with a few artists. I was very surprised to run into David Marshak, whom I haven't seen since my days at Arts on King/Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery. (which, he tells me, has just reopened in Toronto) David is still painting incredible landscapes...what a pleasure to see his work again. Kristin McDonald had a booth full of exciting organic shapes and lighthearted colour palettes. She's got a web presence on Etsy but you can also catch her in person at the One of a Kind Christmas Show this November. Another inspiring find was Ginger Coons. A group of pedestrians had gathered around her booth to watch her sitting on the road cutting out paper figures with an X-acto knife...oddly entertaining.

(top left and bottom right: David Marshak; top right: Kristin McDonald; bottom left: Ginger Coons)

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