Thursday, June 05, 2008

Get thee to a quiltery

I haven't felt much like painting lately, but after finding this really cute bird pattern on Spool, I've started to feel both creative and ambitious. (My sewing skills are pretty non-existant but I've got this great little sewing machine so I figure I might as well put it to work.) A throw for zee bebe? Curtains for the nursery? Who knows. I'm just anxious to make something other than breast milk. So yesterday, I packed up the wee one, along with my creativity and ambition, and the four of us wandered down to Greenwood Quiltery to check out their fabric. Yummy, I tell you! I've raved about their selection before...Amy Butler, Echino, Northcott, Free Spirit...but the fact that they're having a big sale this Saturday makes everything look all the better!

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