Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Baby seems to be quite happy with the current housing arrangements, which brings us to 5 days overdue. I feel great and the extra time has allowed me to mentally prepare for the big day, but I've been told this can't go on forever. At some point, I'll have to be induced.

Enter the beloved exercise ball. I perched on top of it last night and have vowed to bounce happily until gravity kicks in. If you're going to be bouncing for any extended period of time, I suggest you either be drunk, high or in possession of some very 'bouncy' music. Today, my song of choice happens to be "Concrete Love" by Habitat, but I think "Car 7" by The Barmitzvah Brothers would also be a fine selection. If you happen to have a stash of noteworthy bouncy tunes, please feel free to forward and I'll test them out.

Aside from bouncing, the day consisted of yet another visit to With the Grain, followed by a saunter through Greenwood Quiltery, and a few random pages of "Wreck this Journal". I was hoping to be a bit more creative during this down time, but my swollen hands are useless and methinks it'll be a while before they're back to normal.

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