Monday, June 18, 2007


A while back I found an unusual 'call to artists' via Instant Coffee's email list...the Dawson City Arts Society was seeking volunteers to help them with their 'big picture' fundraising initiative. Interested artists who provided their address would be mailed a single plywood puzzle piece to decorate (according to the instructions provided) and return. Once all 400 pieces are completed, they'll form a big, fat surprise to grace the walls of the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture. I figured this may be the closest I ever get to the Yukon, so I signed myself up.

My piece arrived in the mail today, revealing the colour palette and design. I was sent piece 43, which turns out to be a fairly interesting number:Travels on the 43 Bus, Interstate 43, and of course 43 Things, 43 People and 43 Places. Can't be sure if any of that kooky business will affect my design, but time will tell. I've got one month to finish and return.

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