Tuesday, May 29, 2007


People ask me "what are you reading?" and I usually reply "this fantastic book by so-and-so...but I'm only halfway through, since I'm not exactly sure where I put it." That answer doesn't go over very well, and I'm reminded that it's not very nice to lose your books. But as of yesterday, if you were to ask me that question I'd answer "'No one belongs here more than you' by Miranda July." I first heard about it on Boing Boing last month, and after visiting the author's site, I just couldn't resist buying an advance copy of her short stories, which has turned out to be quite wonderful and unexpected.

In the 'recently located' category is Leonard Cohen's "Book of Longing", which guides me in and out of consciousness during my travels home on the train. He's one of those constants that has followed me around since high school without any encouragement or explanation. It's a mystery. Every few years he appears unannounced for a waltz around the room, and a little bit of navel gazing. (The Globe featured an interesting article on him this past Saturday...)

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