Sunday, April 15, 2007

It seems as though a new 'Festival of Arts and Creativity' will be invading Toronto this June. With over 100 events in 10 days, Luminato's spectrum seems a little broad, but a number of things have me interested. (like floating artworks, a chat with Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass, warm up stretches with the National Ballet, and an interactive light sculpture down at Harbourfront) Their handy online festival planner allows you to build your own schedule and view daily idea Nuit Blanche (both Toronto and Montreal) should adopt if they'd like to become more user-friendly.

"Luminato is an annual multi-genre celebration featuring theatre, classical and contemporary music, dance, visual arts, film, literature, and more. The festival will feature highly acclaimed World Premieres, innovative new work and unexpected collaborations that result in unforgettable creative moments."


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    We should plan to check out some of the Luminato fest together. I was quite intrigued by the preliminary schedule I saw printed in the Star. The CBC was in talks a while back to bid on the opening show coverage, but that fell through. I don't know if it will be covered by another broadcaster, but considering the quality of international talent present, it certainly deserves media coverage.


  2. I'd like that. Let me know what you're interested in and I'll fetch us some tickets. CTV is listed as one of the major partners, but whether or not they choose to cover it is another story.

    BTW, you're so not anonymous. I'd recognize that upper case 'R' anywhere. :P