Thursday, November 16, 2006

Concrete thoughts

My visit to the TIAF last week was quite interesting, and while I found the majority of artwork to be on the safe side, I did manage to catch a few goodies. Susan Edgerley had a wonderful glass/wood installation in the Sandra Ainsley booth, and Durham Press was a delightful find, with their happy prints and grassroots approach to artmaking. Toronto-based Peak Gallery caught my eye, as did Gro Thorsen's oil on aluminum miniatures.

I usually wander through shows like this taking note of all that strikes me. Installation details, reoccurring themes, artist's names, colour combinations...details to excercise my own imagination. On that rare occassion, I'll stumble upon something that reflects the very ideas that have been floating around in my brain, but have yet to surface. It's astounding to come face to face with your own thoughts made concrete through someone else's creation. Earlier this month I finally caught The Science of Sleep, which illustrates this very idea perfectly. Its beauty left me speechless.

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