Saturday, October 28, 2006

Elegant, subtle, serene...

Two weekends have come and gone. All of the labels have been removed from the plaster walls, and the business cards are back in their box, but I’m thinking of leaving the artwork up for just a little while longer. It’s nice to see something different on the walls. I sold one piece, have two commissions, and received some genuine interest in ‘what I do next.’

Last year, a friend generously agreed to get this site up and running in exchange for some artwork. (huge thanks, MLaF) In my mind, I had put aside a number of pieces for him to choose from, but they were never officially red dotted. (Until the last Sunday of the Guleph Arts Festival, when 4 separate visitors asked to purchase the same two pieces. Oopsy!) I finally noted them as spoken for, and agreed to further explore the ‘Under a blanket of snow’ series. Good timing, I think. White flakes are falling from the sky, just as I type this. Stay tuned for more framed creations…

What was interesting to me was to watch people as they entered my house. It’s an odd thing, to have strangers wander through your personal space, judge your creativity, peek at your family photos and check out your cd collection. Most stopped after entering the living room, just to take it all in. “Which way should I go?” “So, you live here?” “Wow, what a fantastic place to call home!” Some wandered randomly, while others immediately gravitated towards a single piece of artwork. It’s nice to witness that connection being made.

It was also interesting to take an inventory of feedback about my work. Over and over, I heard words like elegant, subtle, serene, delicate, soft and unique. I'm usually perceived as a stompy, prickly, tactless sort, so it's nice to know I'm able to articulate these things through my artwork. (yes, I am a cacti)

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