Saturday, October 14, 2006

Come to Guelph!

We've got snow! We've got sleet! We've got sunshine! And we've got a whole bundle of artwork for you to view. Between the Guelph Arts Festival, the Guelph Studio Tour and the Trafalgar Building open house, there's at least 80 different artists for you to visit this weekend. (hmmm...why have three separate events fall on the same dates, you ask? Because a fragmented arts community is way more fun than a unified one! Yehaw!)

I'll be spending my days at 463 Woolwich (drop by anytime!) but if I had to create a must see list, it would include:

Ryan Price at Catch 23, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, and the E-bar: His disturbingly beautiful prints and illustrations can be viewed at three different venues, so you've got no excuse.

Pretty much everybody at the Trafalgar Building, which is just down the street from me. Tammy Ratcliff, Pearl Van Geest, Maria Pezzano, Chris Ahlers...the concentration of talent is astounding. Wear a helmut.

Jessica Steinhauser/Stonehouse Pottery. It's been a while since I've been to her studio, but she always has a fantastic selection of wares. I'm especially fond of her porcelain.

Baerbel Kirstein at 265 Woolwich Street. This delightful lady paints on anything and everything (lamps, dressers, upholstered chairs...) and every inch of the place she calls home is a magical playground of colour. Very refreshing, indeed.

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