Thursday, September 28, 2006

J'ai fini

A few weeks ago, I met a lovely lady named Wilma at the Art Bites gallery in Waterloo Town Square. She had a selection of paintings on display, and one work of particular interest had been covered with a mammoth coat of clear resin. She was good enough to send me the product details (thanks Wilma!) and I finally found the time to use the goop this past weekend.

EnviroTex Lite is a two part resin that's primarily used to protect wood surfaces. It couldn't be any simpler than "measure, mix, pour" but I was a little wary of dumping it over my mixed media work on paper, especially since the materials were water soluble. With fingers crossed, I sprayed the work with a matte sealant, mounted it onto its plywood frame, and poured away. Et la voila! J'ai fini! I also used the same treatment for this piece, and the two look quite fantastic side by side. Pencil crayon, Speedball ink, acrylic paint and a whole lotta EnviroTex Lite on paper/plywood. What shall I call this one?


  1. Sean Flinn8:38 PM

    Hey Mare,

    Sue and I are hyped that you have new work, a new show, on the way. Your goodly husband mentioned it. Cool!

    The new work looks amazing on the monitor. Looks like a few different applications of paint going on and I enjoyed reading about EnviroTex Lite. I love material discussions.

    Sue and I are noodling with some ideas for the piece. I keep focusing on that round form and thinking 'September Rising,' but that sounds dramatic. Hmmm, let me work on that.



  2. Hey Fleen,
    I'm so glad you like! This one was a bit of a beast to scan...the plywood frame is almost 3 inches inch thick so I had to leave the scanner lid open. (Someday I'll take real photos of everything.)

    The show (Guelph Arts Festival) finishes on Oct. 22nd but I'm hoping a few goodies will be left over for your visit in November. My goodly husband and I can't wait to see you two again...