Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In the works

I'm trying to minimize the hangups I have with creating less than perfect art. I hide my work until I'm ready to show it, and if I'm not completely pleased with it, it often gets scrapped. In effect, it takes forever for me to finish a piece. (Not-so-much good when you have an art show just around the corner)

Every now and again, I'll visit Keri Smith's blog to injest her insightful musings on creative living. She's a fantastic writer/illustrator with a great deal of wisdom, but sadly, I've yet to be convinced that a bad painting is anything other than a bad painting, even if it can be viewed as a stepping stone to something better. Does that make me honest or negative? I can't decide.

Part of the reason I began this blog was to encourage me to create more often, and to muster up the nerve to share those creations. It's been a slow simmer, but encouragement seems to be trickling in. This past spring, I received an inquiry from the AGH Rental Shop, and last week an invite from A.K. Collings Gallery to pop in and show them my work. (wow!) Karin from Whip Up was kind enough to link me on their site, as was Jen from Toronto Craft Alert. Perhaps once started, these things take on a life of their own.

(image above. not nearly finished. bold move)

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