Monday, June 12, 2006


"Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify."

My foundation year life drawing classes at OCA were fairly painful. Not because of my inability to draw, but because of my tendancy to gravitate towards the complexities. Instead of beginning with an overall gesture, I would focus in on the eyes, the lashes, the pupils, the cheekbone...before long, the three hours of studio time would be gone and I'd be scrambling to capture the 'big picture'. Paul Young, my instructor, was rarely impressed. (Then again, he also referred to non-artisans as 'civilians'.)

It's all too easy to become absorbed by the details. But after seeing this band perform over the weekend, I was reminded of how refreshing it is to surround yourself with simplicity.


  1. Sean Flinn11:05 AM

    A notion, a reminder, that never wears out: simplicity! Yes, Mare!

    The simplest line, word, image or concept are the most sophisticated. To distill into simplicity is true mastery.

    And, looking around my packed up house as Sue and I ready ourselves to move, simplifying - minimizing -has such a wonderful, even unexpected psychological benefit.



  2. Hey, Fleen. I'm happy to hear the act of simplifying/minimizing is also working its magic out on the east coast...