Sunday, February 26, 2006


You never know when the next great idea will fall from the sky, so I rarely go anywhere without a pen or paper. (I used to come up with some brilliant thoughts lying in bed at night but it really started to cut into my sleep time, so now I try to schedule my brainwaves between 6am-10pm.)

This past Friday I was wandering around the Interior Design Show, penless, paperless, and full of thoughts that needed to be documented. I’m not sure what brilliant ideas were lost at IDS but I’m quite sure most of them hit me in the Studio North section. Ken Gangbar, Pascale Girardin, Arounna Khounnoraj, Tanya Lyons…all of these artists are so innovative in their use of materials, and I find it very refreshing to view traditional craft mediums in non-utilitarian ways.

“Design Bungalow” seems to share a similar aesthetic and has written very eloquently about three of the artists mentioned above. Have a peek

(pictured above is a paper wall sculpture by Khounnoraj. And yes, the photo was stolen from her website.)

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  1. mary, great site + thanks for the shout out!! i'll keep my eye on you or better yet just email me a note with anything that you inspires you. and feel free to comment anytime.