Friday, December 09, 2005


It's no secret to anyone who knows me...I'm all about winter. So when I awoke this morning to find mounds of the soft, white, fluffy stuff, I could only jump for joy. Snow is one of the only things that makes winter bearable.

So to celebrate...I give you snowflakes and creativity, together at last:

Make-a-Flake : (seen above) virtual paper, virtual scissors...the only thing that's missing is a toboggan and Bailey's. Try it out!

TypeFlake : much more sophisticated than the above, a marvel to play with, and just plain brilliant. If you're a font freak like me, you'll love it. Email your creations to all your friends who hate winter. With any luck, you just may convert them.

(if Santa brings me a scanner for Christmas, or a digital camera, I can get back to posting real artwork)

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