Monday, October 31, 2005

'Under a blanket of snow' series

When I began painting again this past year, I realized that I was going to need some help...the idea of starting from nowhere was giving me way too much grief, so I tore up bits of unprimed canvas as though they were scraps of paper, and just started making marks. This seemed to alleviate some of the pressure, and it allowed me to work quickly without worrying about the final product. Those renderings were never intended to be final pieces but they've turned out to be some of my favourites. They became the "Under a blanket of snow" magnet series, shown above. Two layers of unprimed canvas were mounted on 2x4 giving them a nice chunky depth when hung on the wall.

The images themselves were inspired by my new surroundings in Guelph and the journal entries that were written during my early morning journeys:

"There is a certain peacefulness in the air. Even the harshest details (like bad architecture or abandoned cars) become softer under a blanket of snow..."

I'd like to play around with the idea of presenting these pieces as an interactive installation...

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