Friday, June 19, 2020

Art on the (Virtual) Street

Welcome to Guelph's unofficial launch of summer! I've helped out at this event for the last five years but I'm finally returning as a participant after a very long hiatus. 2007, to be exact. Way back then, the day involved morning sickness (me) and a torrential downpour (mother nature) but also incredible encounters with art lovers. While COVID-19 has forced this year's event to go virtual, there will be no shortage of sunshine and talent. Visit the official Art on the (Virtual) Street website to browse and shop online anytime between June 20 - July 4, 2020.

I'll be offering free delivery/curb-side pick up for all local purchases, and will also happily ship items at cost to those living outside of Guelph. Visit my online shop and email me to make arrangements.

Kudos to Guelph Arts Council and Downtown Guelph Business Association, who always do an incredible job hosting this event. 

Monday, June 08, 2020

Positive and Negative Space

Posting new work seems more than a bit frivolous when citizens around the globe are expressing outrage over the killing of George FloydOn Saturday, I attended the #BLM solidarity march organized by the Guelph Black Heritage Society. It was an incredibly powerful event, and being immersed in such a large group (particularly during a pandemic) forced me to reconsider freedom, movement, tension, pressure, and white space -- both as a design element and as a restriction to visible minorities. I suppose if these considerations inspire me to create artwork, then frivolous they are not. 

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Hookers of the World Unite!

In the fall of 2018, I attended the Royal City Ruggers' weekly 'Books and Hooks' meetup at the Guelph Public Library. Knowing nothing about rug hooking, I was simply led by my curiosity to explore tactile materials. The RCR members are a lovely group with decades of hooking experience, and they happily offered me technique insight, supply contacts and loads of free cookies. For the last year, I've been galavanting with the Riverside Ruggers in Fergus, and their camaraderie emboldened me to design a few of my own pieces. (thanks for the encouragement Bear Epp!)

Thursday, February 20, 2020


It's impossible to know what ideas will be sparked by travel. Last March, I brought home a piece of dead coral (Solenastrea species?) from Soliman Bay, Mexico and it's spent the last year floating around the house in various locations. (fish tank, coffee table, rock collection jar...) Now it also occupies space in my sketchbook, on a carved lino block and on my bathroom wall. I'd love to see the mono print below as a large scale painting.